About ASA

Australian Surgical Assisting (ASA) provides medically qualified, registered and indemnified surgical assistants to surgical specialists. ASA is part of 24-7Healthcare Pty Ltd. 24-7Healthcare is a diversified provider of healthcare services with a particular emphasis on providing quality healthcare in the home, community, Hospital & Surgical support, at a residential aged care facility or within a general practice. 

Our Mission is “To provide exceptional healthcare when and where it is needed.

We are committed to providing high quality healthcare and strongly believe that our patients need to be supported when and where they are most in need, whether this be in one of our clinics, at their residential home, Hospital settings, in the community or at an aged care residence.

We have over 30 years of experience in treating acute needs as well as chronic illness and we are the leader in providing in-home care both during and after hours.

Australian Surgical Assisting (ASA)

ASA arranges and co-ordinates assistants for regular lists, individual operations and emergency operations. Assistants are allocated based on experience and availability.
ASA is a quick and easy service that takes care of any administration and billing issues.

ASA was established by Dr Joanna Tait in 1994 to help surgeons and practice managers every day by providing experienced surgical assistants. ASA invoices on behalf of the surgical assistants, easing the burden on the surgical specialist rooms.

Our Values

   Logo for 'we make a difference'   

We make a difference:
We play a vital role within the Australian health care system by providing healthcare services when and where they are needed most, whether it be our Nurses or our Doctors. We provide timely, efficient and high quality care to some of the most vulnerable members of our community.

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We care:
It is our privilege to provide healthcare solutions to our patients in their homes, when they need us the most. We deeply care for our patients and our empathetic approach and the quality of care we provide are what truly sets us apart.

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We lead the way: 
We embrace ideas, innovative thinking and emerging technology to forge a better future for how Australians access and experience care at home. We merge our talents with technology to benefit the Patient and our People

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We are stronger together:
We celebrate the diversity of our talents and expertise to achieve as one great team. Our approach to industry and partnerships is collaborative, with a focus on leveraging strengths to drive better outcomes for our patients, doctors and nurses.

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We are accountable:
We hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical, clinical and professional standards. We continue to raise the bar of excellence and take very seriously the responsibility bestowed upon us to care for patients when they are in need.