Patient Information

Australian Surgical Assisting (ASA) provides medically qualified, registered and indemnified surgical assistants to surgical specialists across Australia. 

At the request of your surgeon, ASA arranges and co-ordinates assistants for individual, regular and emergency operations. Assistants are allocated based on experience and availability.

Why did I receive an invoice for an Assistant?

You received an invoice because your Surgeon requested a Surgical Assistant to assist with your recent surgery. 

As part of the surgical consent process you consented to the surgery, any surgeon fees and any Surgical Assistant fees. ASA invoices on behalf of the Surgical Assistant and the invoices are separate to the surgeon's invoice. 

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How much is the Surgical Assistants fee?

Generally the fee for the assisting doctor will be 20% of the surgeon’s fee. However, each surgical assistant is an independent practitioner and variations of fees and gap fees may occur.

A minimum fee for a Surgical Assistant is $170 for general surgery and $250 for Caesarean sections. For all operations commencing in the after hour’s period (10pm to 7am weekdays, all weekends and all public holidays) an additional gap fee of $125 applies.