ASA provides


  • Service at No cost to the surgeon
  • Full billings service for Assistants
  • Qualified and experienced Assistants

ASA organises Assistants for both regular and emergency lists

We remove the work involved in finding suitable assistants for surgeons from all fields of specialty. Assistants are allocated based on their skills, availability, experience and the specialist’s specific requirements. Save your time and let us organise your assistants for you.

All assistants have current medical registration, indemnity insurance and are credentialed at the hospitals where you work.

ASA can organise assistants for your regular lists, in emergencies or to cover when your assistant is away due to illness, holidays or when operating lists run overtime, at no cost to the specialist. We have been placing assistants for over 20 years.

Seamless billing practices

ASA manages all billing and collection activities for assistants in line with the surgeon’s billing practices.

Matching Assistants according to your needs

Assistants are carefully chosen and matched to specialists based on their clinical skills and experience. However, we understand that no matter how carefully we choose the assistants there will be times when the surgeon would prefer not to work with a particular doctor for a variety of reasons. We confidentially handle your feedback to maintain your professional relationships.

ASA considers the special requirements of specialists at all times

How it works: Using ASA is simple. Contact us and we will set up a profile with your preferences so that assistants can be allocated who meet your needs.

Simply notify us when you need an assistant, and we will arrange the rest. We will send confirmation to your rooms once we have an assistant organised.