ASA provides


  • Full billings service for Assistants
  • Administrative support in obtaining Provider numbers and Hospital Accreditation
  • We provide regular, individual operations and emergency lists.

ASA organises Assistants for both regular and emergency lists

We remove the work involved in finding surgical lists for Assistants in all fields of specialty. Assistants are allocated based on their skills, availability, experience and specialist preference.

ASA works with each assistant to find suitable placements that fit in to each individual's availability.

All assistants must have current medical indemnity insurance and unrestricted medical registration.

Seamless billing practices

ASA are specialists in Surgical Assistant billing and make sure you are registered with Medicare and Private Health funds. We manage all billing and collection activities in line with the surgeon’s billing practices. All you need to do is complete and lodge an accurate operation report.

Matching Assistants according to your needs

Assistants are carefully chosen and matched to specialists based on their clinical skills and experience. However, we understand that there will be times when the Assistant would prefer not to work with a particular Surgeon for a variety of reasons. We confidentially handle your feedback to maintain your professional relationships.

Joining ASA

Joining ASA is simple. 

Simply register your interest and we will be in contact shortly.